The Challenge

Move a New Brand, like Pruvit, in Romania? Try a Mobile Website and Online & Reputation Management that combines several strategies to raise brand awareness and online standing with! Prüvit’s KETO//OS® has started a modern health revolution with over 100 million servings delivered around the world. What they were building was a website optimized for mobile users & a successful SEO strategy combined with a high-rank link-buildings that would bring reputation in Romania.


Successful Rate


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“Mario was instrumental in assisting me with time-sensitive components for a new project launch. The team was responsive, insightful, extremely thorough, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I really recommend it the Agent Promovator Marketing  Strategy.”

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Ioan Martita

Indepentent PRUVIT

Team working

The Process

This popular brand from EU could not be found on Google and need to be visible for romanian marketplace. Most people don’t even look past the first five listings! Mind. Blown. 🤯

Working in a niche industry, this client had a lot of potential for movement up the ranking reputation. So, our team implemented a SEO strategy that consisted of an in-depth webdesign mobile process & optimization of all site metadata using relevant keywords for romanian marketplace that showed the most promise!

agent promovator study case


Our SEO has a handful of benefits. With our search engine optimization this company:

  • Earns more, high-paying customers
  • Has improved their website traffic
  • Created a long-term foundation for all other marketing efforts

In 6 months, this client went from not being found in the top 500 to:

  • Ranking #4 for 2 keywords
  • Being found on second position of the Ketone Romania Official.

Let’s Make Things Happen

mario grigorescu

Mario Grigorescu

Marketing Consultant Expert
(+4) 0741-919-919

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