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What are some cross-channel marketing platforms for 2022?

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Cross-channel marketing allows you to connect with your customers where they are most active and uses real-time data to create a more relevant and personalized experience. It allows you to connect with your customers across various platforms which can drive higher engagement rates.

In this Answer, I’ll provide you with a list of eight cross-channel marketing platforms to help get you started.

1. Listrak

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It provides you with everything you need to create highly successful campaigns across all of your digital channels. Listrak makes connecting with our customers across various channels simple. You’ll have everything you need to drive successful campaigns and manage customer insights in one, reliable location.

With advanced technology like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it becomes easy to understand your customer better which will help you take your marketing to next level.

Channels: Email, SMS/MMS, social media, push, web, direct mail

Pricing: Pricing is customized based on business needs. You’ll need to speak with a Listrak representative to receive a quote.



2. Iterable

It provides you with everything you need to create, manage, analyze, and optimize your customer interactions from each stage of the customer journey. With iterable, you will have every tool which you need to create, send, analyze, and optimize your campaigns.

Channels: Email, mobile push, SMS, in-app notifications, web push, social

Pricing: Pricing is customized based on business needs. You’ll need to speak with an Iterable representative to receive a quote.

3. Oracle Marketing

With the Oracle Marketing platform, you’ll have the tools you need to create cross-channel experiences and dive into the metrics on what performed well and what didn’t. These insights will help you improve and build better campaigns based on real customer and campaign data. It has customized solutions for various business types, including B2C and B2B, to ensure your platform has the tools you need to succeed.

Channels: Email, SMS, mobile, push, web push, social

Pricing: Pricing is customized based on business needs. You’ll need to speak with an Oracle Marketing representative to receive a quote.

4. SharpSpring

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SharpSpring is an all-in-one revenue growth platform that can help you achieve a cross-channel marketing experience through automation and data collection. Having the ability to easily connect with users across various channels and build journey-specific workflows will help you reach the right person at the right time. It easily tracks and manages campaign metrics which will help you identify areas of opportunity and improvement for future campaigns and provide you with even more customer data to improve your personalization efforts. SharpSpring is a tool that will help you connect with your audiences more effectively and connect leads with your sales team and complete the entire purchasing process from one central tool.

Channels: Email, ads, social media

Pricing: The pricing plan is based on the number of contacts that you have. There are three pricing models: the Small Business model starting at $399 per month and the Enterprise and Agency models with customized pricing.

5. Cordial

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It provides you with the tools to collect customer data and build comprehensive customer experiences from one centralized platform. The Cordial platform gives you all the tools you need to create data-driven cross-channel marketing campaigns. With the right insights, each interaction with your customer can be another chance to lead them towards completing a purchase.

With a robust data platform like Cordial, you can easily create personalized cross-channel experiences that connect with your audiences at the right time, on the right channel.

Channels: Email, SMS/MMS, mobile app, in-app

Pricing: Pricing is customized based on business needs. You’ll need to speak with a Cordial representative to receive a quote.

6. Autopilot

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Autopilot is an automation platform that brings your customer data and marketing channels together to create a full cross-channel marketing experience. Autopilot has you covered with the tools you need to connect with your audiences where they’re already active and integrate eCommerce technology. With a marketing tool like Autopilot, you can collect all the right data points and put them to work for your needs.

Channels: Email and SMS

Pricing: There are five plan options, including a free plan, the Campaign plan starting at $29 per month, the Professional plan starting at $99 per month, the Business plan starting at $299 per month, and the Enterprise plan is customized based on business needs.

7. Omnisend

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Omnisend is a marketing automation platform that will allow you to create cross-channel marketing experiences between your email, SMS, and web push channels. With the right tools, you can know when to connect with each customer individually to create more effective marketing messages. By simplifying the campaign-building process and using customer data to drive successful campaigns, Omnisend can help you achieve your cross-channel goals.

Channels: Email, SMS, web push notifications

Pricing: There are three plan options available, including the Free Email plan, the Standard Email plan starting at $16 per month, and the Pro Email & SMS plan starting at $59 per month. Pricing does increase based on the number of contacts you plan to send messages to.

8. Zapier

Zapier is a marketing platform that allows you to connect existing apps to create automated workflows. It’s important to note that this platform would not be a single source of truth, but it’s an option for companies that already have various platforms in place and simply need a tool to connect them all. Easily connect your social channels to your master list of leads to keep track of new contacts. From there, you can continue to grow insights and connect customer data to develop more personalized experiences.

Channels: This platform does not manage specific channels within it, but you can connect it with hundreds of platforms and channels you’re already using to build cross-channel experiences.

Pricing: Plan options include a free plan, the Starting plan costing $19.99 per month, the Professional plan costing $49 per month, the Team plan costing $299 per month, and the Company plan costing $599 per month.

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