May 15, 2018
SEO 360
Carhaus CarWash Caffe

01. The Challenge & Solution

C Carhaus is an old company founded in 2012 but which benefits from the professionalism of a team with over 10 years of experience in car maintenance. We have continuously invested in the technical capabilities of the company but also in the training of the team members in order to be able to offer the most reliable and correct solutions to our clients. Carhaus services and Kochkemie products are addressed to both individuals and legal entities, owners of car parks, both for periodic maintenance work and for occasional service work.

The client tapped the expertise of Agent Promovator Agency to manage its digital marketing presence, improve site traffic and ramp up its national keyword rankings. Since taking over its online marketing campaign in 2018, Agent Promovator has helped the company achieve 2 first-page keyword rankings for tracked search terms and increase its conversion rate from around 20 lead conversions a month to an average of 40 conversions per month.

“Being the first to be listed on Google by the keyword you have chosen is all that a successful entrepreneur from a professional and an expert in SEO optimization services like Mario Grigorescu wants. Thank you for your services. I recommend it with confidence!”
– Daniel Tarase

digital marketing consultant portfolio
digital marketing consultant portfolio

02. Working Process

The client partnered with Agent Promovator not knowing what to expect from digital marketing. The company had done offline marketing before, including radio promotions and advertisements at door to door, but it didn’t have any online marketing experience.

Through a comprehensive conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit, we identified the following major issues with the client’s website:

  • Technical issues, such as non-optimized page titles, broken images, duplicate content, missing meta description tags and internal links pointing to non-existing pages, were affecting the page load.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights score in both mobile (13/100) and desktop (50/100) were extremely low.
  • Google Maps errors.
  • The website was responsive, but not all elements were easily navigable, causing issues for some mobile users.
  • Some product pages lacked content.
  • Homepage design was slightly cluttered and disorganized, with some images pulling focus away from the website’s unique selling points (USPs).
  • Website visitors engaged with the homepage in several different places, with 11.6 percent using the search bar and 23.5 percent being desktop users whose primary click point was the product sliders in the footer.

The company also needed help with facebook marketing to grow its social media presence and appeal to the younger generation.

03. Perfect Result

To address the client’s website issues and bolster its brand visibility and online conversions, our digital marketing experts implemented an online marketing strategy focused on four key areas: website optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC marketing and organic social media marketing to grow the traffic position of the site in the 1St position of Google after the general keyword: spalatorie auto premium.