September 10, 2018
Marketing / Social Media
Dental Stephany

01. The Challenge & Solution

H Historically, urban critical access clinic like Dental Stephany are challenged by budget restraints and a lack of in-house marketing support. This can make it quite difficult to compete with larger urban hospital systems. Despite its remarkably modernized facilities and clinical service development, Dental Stephany was still perceived as a “local-dentist” by local residents, lacking the comprehensive care options available in Bucharest. This perception was particularly prevalent among senior audiences. Underscoring each of these challenges was an underdeveloped digital marketing program, including an outdated website and a lack of strategy around reputation management.

digital marketing consultant
digital marketing consultant

02. Working Process

The Agent Promovator Team performed a complete site audit, then planned and executed a consolidation and restructuring of content aligned with SEO best practices. Our team expanded all service, resource, location, and about pages to target specific keywords, improve keyword value, usability, and lead generation. We also worked together to build out comprehensive service-specific pages to support Dental Stephany’s goal of increasing rankings for all of its core services, including Dental Whitening, Dental Aestethics, Endodontics, Pediatrics etc. Our approach to these pages was to enrich them with authoritative details about each service that creates value for healthcare consumers, helping to educate, answer common questions, and introduce Dental Stephany’s unique approach.

In alignment with local SEO best practices, we created new location pages for Dental Stephany location. Digital reputation is an essential part of Dental Stephany’s locally and regionally focused digital strategy. After an audit of existing channels, our team created and optimized Google My Business profiles for all CMG locations. This effort included the launch of review generation campaigns for each location, prioritized by each location’s size, volume, and demand.

digital marketing consultant project

03. Perfect Result

Throughout this relationship, the Agent Promovator team has become Dental Stephany’s go-to partner in the digital space. At the core of this relationship is flexibility and openness toward helping Agent Promovator grow its
digital footprint holistically.

The focused effort on restructuring and revamping Agent Promovator’s
entire digital presence has given a significant lift to the group’s domain, as follows:

  • 165% increase in total Top 100 ranking keywords Ranking for +1500 more keywords
  • 42% increase in organic impressions
  • 12% increase in organic traffic
  • 285% increase in Find a Specialist leads